Drilling & Cutting

  • HSS Jobber drill bits / Olympic HSS-CO. cobalt Jobber drill bits / Somta SDS drill bits / Olympic
  • Broach cutters & pilot bits / Karnasch
  • Holesaws, Arbors and pilot bits / Morse
  • Hacksaw frames. Sandflex Bi Metal hacksaw blades. Reciprocating saw blades
  • Metal cutting bandsaw blades– ALL SIZES
  • Cutting fluids for cutting, milling, tapping, drilling
  • Cutting & grinding discs / Klingspor
  • Metabo Professional Power Tools – Drills, Mains and Cordless, Chopsaws
  • MAGPRO Magnetic Drilling Machines, SIP Metal Cutting Bandsaws, Bench and Pillar Drills